Sampaoli: Argentina Still Have a Chance

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Sampaoli: Argentina Still Have a Chance

Coach Jorge Sampaoli, believes his Argentine side still have a chance to compete in the South American World Cup qualifying zone.

Despite appearing in front of thousands of fans, Lionel Messi and colleagues were only able to achieve a 0-0 goalless draw when entertaining Peru.

However, Sampaoli admitted his upbringing still has the spirit to compete in World Cup qualifying competition.

Sampaoli said “I feel confident with the capabilities of Argentina.”

“Argentina has many outstanding players. For that I want them to remain optimistic. ”

“I feel confident Argentina can do it. The team has played very well against Peru. ”

“The draw is not bad. It’s better than defeat. It’s more painful. ”

“I do not want the team to give up. I want the team to keep on fighting, tirelessly. ”

“And I feel confident Argentina still have a chance in World Cup qualifying.”

Not only that, Sampaoli also give praise to the performance of its mega star Lionel Messi.

In an interview, Sampaoli said “I feel Messi always plays amazingly.”

“For that I want Messi to play great in every game.”

Robben: I am not quarreling with Ancelotti

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Robben: I am not quarreling with Ancelotti

Bayern Munich winger Arjen Robben has denied rumors that he was involved in a row with Carlo Ancelotti.

The Italian coach was fired from Bayern, after a landslide defeat that they won in the game against PSG, with the name Robben considered one of the players who led to the dismissal of the coach.

“Suddenly, things like that appear in the media. I want to keep myself away from things like that, because I consider them to be nonsense, “the Dutchman told reporters.

“I hate when things like this happen. I am the last person on the team, who will be in trouble with coaches, other players, or people in the club. ”

“When someone goes from the club, you should be able to be a man, and not criticize anyone.”

5 Players whose Careers Destroyed at United

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5 Players whose Careers Destroyed at United

Manchester United (MU) is undoubtedly the biggest club and famous in the world because many players who really want to play there Agen Judi. But in fact there are five players whose career was destroyed after strengthening the team.

Playing for the Red Devils at Old Trafford does provide an opportunity for all players to have a good career. But the story is all like a fantasy for some players.

Federico Macheda for example. Coming from Lazio at the age of 16, Macheda made his debut at Old Trafford after scoring a late goal against Aston Villa.

However, his career there is very sad. He was not given a good chance even after the departure of Tevez and Ronaldo. The player actually become a loan subscription to another club.

Macheda finally left United for Cardiff City in 2014. From 2008 to 2014, Macheda only managed to appear in 19 games and only print 4 goals for MU.

Well besides Macheda there are five other names whose career was destroyed at MU. Anyone? Here’s the list quoted Sportskeeda:

5. Alan Smith

Alan Smith is one player who will not give up even if bleeding from injury. He is known as a hard worker and courageous and imported United for £ 7 million from rivals Leeds United.

Traditionally, Alan Smith is a midfielder whose career has been shattered after Ferguson has only used it for spare tire captain Roy Keane. Smith is actually a striker and has a terrible time after being played in that position.

With the departure of Van Nistelrooy to Real Madrid, Sir Alex then returned Alan Smith to the front lines. But it was too late.

He has only contributed seven goals in 61 games for the Red Devils in three years. Alan Smith proves to be another example of how a change of position can destroy a player’s career.

4. Shinji Kagawa

Japanese playmaker Shinji Kagawa is known as the first Asian player to score a hat-trick in the Premier League. However, a move to United is still a challenge for the talented midfielder.

Mahar 12 million pounds to bring him from Borussia Dortmund in the summer of 2012, true proved good by him. But slowly but surely the game was eroded.

First and foremost is Ferguson’s decision to bring in Dutch striker Robin Van Persie. It automatically shifts Rooney into the no.10 role behind the former Arsenal player.

Changes in Rooney’s position make Kagawa played on the wings and eventually sluggish. However, Kagawa continues to provide everything he can for the team.

Together with Moyes, the Japanese playmaker was also beaten by Spanish midfielder Juan Mata. Kagawa also claimed David Moyes who did not rely on him at Manchester United.

This reason makes him rejoin his old club Borussia Dortmund. There he again proved himself as a major part of the Dortmund attack.

3. Jordi Cruyff

As the son of the legendary Johan Cruyff, Jordi knows it has a tough task to prove himself on par with his father. In the early years, Jordi Cruyff proved able to become a world-class player and fulfill his father’s legacy.

Ferguson brought Cruyff in a £ 1.4m deal after Euro 1996. Cruyff arrived as the Class of 92 dominated United’s ranks.

Initially, he was slick as a regular starter in November of that year. However, recurring injuries kept him out with the team for long periods of time.

Cruyff’s four-year season at Manchester United is marked by injury. In addition, the attacking midfielder struggled to shift the position of David Beckham and Ryan Giggs who was at the peak during that time.

This makes her chances very limited. Cruyff made just 57 appearances and scored only 8 goals for Manchester United from 1996 to 2000.

2. Javier Hernandez

Many of you will argue why Chicharito made it into this list. But he must be here considering the way MU treats him.

Chicharito started his career at United with high optimism after scoring the second goal in United’s 3-1 win over Chelsea in the Community Shield. The Mexicans are an important part of United’s squad that ends as runners-up in the 2011 Champions League.

However, looking at his performance charts, it is clear that he was never given a chance to become a regular starter after Van Persie came to the club. However, Chicharito proved to be a substitute who changed the game many times for MU.

His best performance was a hat-trick versus Aston Villa when United’s comeback success with a 3-2 win. He is touted as The Next Ole Gunnar Solksjaer who is also famous as a substitute ace at United.

However, that super-sub tag was proven to be influential in Chicharito’s departure. Even after a good performance, the Mexican forward is just a third choice behind Wayne Rooney and Robin Van Persie.

To add to his misery, Dutch boss Louis Van Gaal loaned him to Real Madrid which is unproven to bear fruit. Troubled with a lack of opportunities, he left Old Trafford to join Bayer Leverkusen in 2015.

Chicharito is now playing for West Ham United. A player of his caliber must deserve the best of the Red Devils during his stint there.

1. Bastian Schweinsteiger

Der Kommander arrived from Bayern Munich in July 2015 for £ 6.5 million by Louis Van Gaal. Initially he was expected to be the answer of his team’s un-creative midfield. Too bad it did not go as expected.

In his first season with United, Schweini was sidelined throughout the second half with an injury. By the time Van Gaal left, Mourinho’s arrival proved to be a nightmare. Even when Fellaini performed poorly, Mourinho chose to let Schweinsteiger go.

Schweinsteiger finally left Old Trafford for Chicago in America. If for a second chance, Basti could also prove himself as a MU legend. He appeared only 18 times in two seasons at the Theater of Dreams.

Appearance Jeblok, Zidane Asks Real Madrid To Cast This Player

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Appearance Jeblok, Zidane Asks Real Madrid To Cast This Player

Zinedine Zidane is rumored to have urged Real Madrid leaders to start preparing an offer to Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal next year. Zidane wants this step after seeing his team debut at the start of the La Liga season badly.

Real Madrid have eight points. They failed to win any of their three home games.

Sanchez is currently eyeing Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Manchester City after ensuring that he does not intend to sign a new contract at the Emirates Stadium. This condition makes his status free transfer next summer.

PSG is currently in a leading position to get the Chilean international. They are ready to offer it over 275,000 pounds sterling per week.

However, Spanish media preach, Real Madrid will make the first step in January. Previously, Los Blancos has postponed his move to get Sanchez due to his status as a Barcelona player, before joining Arsenal in 2014.

Previously, rumors PSG has offered striker Edinson Cavani to Real Madrid following a dispute with Neymar recently. Cavani was involved in a row with the world’s most expensive player in PSG’s 2-0 victory over Olympique Lyon.

During the game, the two had time to debate who should take a penalty. In the end Cavani became the executioner even though his shot failed to produce a goal.

The tension on the pitch continues in the locker room. They did not greet each other in the locker room. Neymar even reportedly demanded the management of PSG to sell Cavani as soon as possible.

Chelsea Will Not Apply Red Card Appeal David Luiz

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Chelsea Will Not Apply Red Card Appeal David Luiz

Coming against Nottingham Forest on Thursday early morning which took place at Stamford Bridge, Antonio Conte insisted reluctantly submitted an appeal related to red card David Luiz.

Where the Brazilian defender was sent off referee Michael Oliver in the face of Arsenal after a foul violation of Sead Kolasinac.

Despite protests in his press conference after the end of the game, but when entertaining Forest later, Italian tactics tactician just cancel it and for him more important to focus on staring the next game.

“No, I think the situation is very clear,” Antonio Conte told the media.

“He fell before ditekel. But now it is important to think about the game in front of the eye and prepare for the game weekend. “

Buffon: Barca Flattered With Our Bad Appearances

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Liga Champion

Buffon: Barca Flattered With Our Bad Appearances

Gianluigi Buffon believes that Juventus 3-0 defeat to Barcelona proves that his team’s game is very messy Judi Bola Online.

The Bianconeri were severely beaten at Camp Nou on Tuesday but the goalkeeper felt that the final game score was very flattering to Barcelona.

“We have been watching our match against Barca with the directors,” Buffon said in an interview with the media.

“We have analyzed the technical and tactical matches, as we always do, and I am surprised at the results.”

“This is a clear result. I think our game is very messy especially how we survived in the first half. ”

“To be able to maintain the cohesiveness of the players in the ranks, we need to maintain cooperation in terms of survival while maintaining our ferocity in terms of attack.”

“In the second half, our defense space widened, because it was very clear we wanted to counter-attack and make our defense very open. To fight a team like them, we can not do that. “

Mbappe Talked With Guardiola

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Mbappe Talked With Guardiola

New players coming to Paris Saint-Germain, Kylian Mbappe claimed to have wanted to cooperate with Manchester City coach, Pep Guardiola in the future.

The former US Monaco striker revealed that he held talks with Etihad boss Guardiola before deciding to join PSG.

Mbappe said: “He (Guardiola) is a great coach and very knowledgeable about football.”

“He has won titles everywhere and he really gives you the desire to play.”

“Coach Emery also talks a lot about the game. I like coaches that only talk about games, because that’s what interests us. ”

“Both coaches are very passionate about football and are happy to work with such people.”

“When I met Guardiola, we talked a lot about the game rather than my quality, because I know myself better than anyone.”

“I do not say ‘no’ to Guardiola, I just say ‘no’ to Manchester City.”

Odegaard: Madrid Extend My Contract

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Odegaard: Madrid Extend My Contract

Real Madrid midfielder Martin Odegaard admits he has secured a new contract from Los Blancos.

The Norwegian player was brought in Madrid in 2015 ago. At the start of his arrival at the Santiago Bernabeu, he is considered one of the most talented stars in the European football scene, but so far, he still has not managed to prove his potential.

Even so, Real Madrid still seem to believe with the ability of Odegaard, and has given the player a new contract.

“At least over 2018,” the player told reporters.

“For the moment, I still do not want to talk about it any further.”

Santos: Portugal should be able to score many goals

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Santos: Portugal should be able to score many goals

Portuguese national team manager Fernando Santos recently revealed that his side were too cocky when facing Hungary which ended with a 1-0 win Game Judi Online.

Where, Andre Silva header ensure Portugal winning three points from group B peak Switzerland, but Portugal should boisa score more than one after Tamas Priskin sent out in the first half.

Nevertheless, Santos troops failed to maximize the opportunities that exist despite already superior number of players.

“We did not play well in the field for the first 30 minutes,” Santos told local media.

“After the expulsion of Priskin, I do not know what happened. We let ourselves go with a very aggressive football and then we lost at 15 afterwards. ”

“When the pause I told them not to lose focus. We came back very good and scored and from then on we controlled the game, but there was always a dangerous situation. “

Sir Alex Ferguson Coutinho Transfer News Commentary

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Sir Alex Ferguson Coutinho Transfer News Commentary

Saga’s transfer of Liverpool midfielder Philippe Coutinho attracted the attention of former Manchester United coach Sir Alex Ferguson.

Earlier, Liverpool had three times turned down Barcelona’s offer for Philippe Coutinho.

Coutinho also had time to apply for transfer to Juergen Klopp’s camp.

Until now, there is no certainty whether Coutinho will get his desire to move or even stay with Klopp.

Saga transfer 25-year-old player was apparently invited the attention of former Manchester United coach, Sir Alex Ferguson.

“I think strong management is very important in situations like this,” he said.

“One of your jobs as a coach is to educate the characters of your players so they are responsible with what they do,” Sir Alex Ferguson told Goal quoted by

For Ferguson, the transfer saga of Philippe Coutinho is unfortunate because Liverpool have shaped the player up as it is today.

“So this is a bit disappointing, but you have to accept it and the transfer market does not help the situation,” said Manchester United’s legendary coach.

Fergie said that if the transfer window ends in July, the Brazilian will continue to play for Liverpool and will not experience a transfer saga.

“The recommendation is to close the transfer window before the season starts, so everyone knows which players they will get and do not have to wait for the results,” he said.